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Middlesex TW13 7JF


Maria New M.B.I.E.

Kevin Sinclair M.B.I.E.

Accredited Tutors






Members of the British Institute of Embalmers





Associated Members of the National Association of Funeral Directors





Achievements of our Students


  • Allan Sinclair Cup Winner 2010


  • Allan Sinclair Cup Winner 2011


  • Allan Sinclair Cup Winner 2012


  • Allan Sinclair Cup Winner 2013


  • Trustee’s Award for Highest Practical Examination Mark 2011


  • Trustee’s Award for Highest Practical Examination Mark 2012


  • Trustee’s Award for Highest Practical Examination Mark 2013


  • Trustee’s Award for Highest Theoretical Examination Mark 2014


About us


The London School of Embalming Ltd is owned and run by Kevin
Sinclair MBIE and myself, Maria New MBIE in order for us to share our knowledge
with others. We are both passionate about embalming and have spent many hours
on research and technique development in order to drive our industry forward. We are both accredited tutors of The British
Institute of Embalmers (BIE) and accredited examiners for The International
Examinations Board of Embalmers (IEBE) and between us have embalmed over 60,000
cases to date. Our school has excellent
pass marks and our students have won many regional and national awards which
are given by The British Institute of Embalmers in recognition of their


We offer a learning environment that suits all students
regardless of whether you are already in the industry or not. We provide all
your theoretical and practical tuition as part of your course therefore you will
need to arrange or pay for extra practical tuition elsewhere, we

provide it all. Our course lasts for approximately 2 years and you will be
expected to attend class once a week as part of your learning.


You will not only learn the elements required for you to
pass your exam, we teach many extra skills such as basic reconstruction
techniques and cosmetic application which will be vital for your embalming
career. We abide by the Tutor’s Code of Conduct as set by the BIE and as part
of this provide a contract which will exist between the school and yourself for
the duration of your learning agreement and we also offer on-going support to you once you qualify.


If you are already qualified and require additional tuition
in specialized subjects such as cosmetics, please contact us for more details.


The London School of Embalming has an ambition to offer the veryhighest theoretical and practical embalming
tuition for the Greater
London area and its surrounding counties.

 In addition to this experience they also have a vast knowledge in
the following specialist
subjects: -


· Repatriation Embalming

· Disaster Management

· Embalming Abroad

· Long-Term Preservation

· Cosmetology

· The Art of Restoration

· Death Masks 


The school aims to provide a learning environment in which its students can benefit from a vast knowledge of modern embalming techniquesthroughout their course.



Tutor Kevin Sinclair with current students at one of our practicle sessions 


Tutor Maria New with current students at our theory venue

The Tutors



Kevin Sinclair M.B.I.E. Accredited Tutor 

Phone: 07976 834897


Maria New M.B.I.E. Accredited Tutor

Phone: 07753835860