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Middlesex TW13 7JF



Kevin Sinclair M.B.I.E.

Accredited Tutor






Members of the British Institute of Embalmers





Achievements of our Students


  • Allan Sinclair Cup Winner 2010


  • Allan Sinclair Cup Winner 2011


  • Allan Sinclair Cup Winner 2012


  • Allan Sinclair Cup Winner 2013


  • Trustee’s Award for Highest Practical Examination Mark 2011


  • Trustee’s Award for Highest Practical Examination Mark 2012


  • Trustee’s Award for Highest Practical Examination Mark 2013


  • Trustee’s Award for Highest Theoretical Examination Mark 2014


About you




i. To attend 80% of all classes as arranged by the school.

ii. Complete and submit all homework at times set out by the school.

iii. Pay all travel expenses for the student to travel to and from the site of the school.

iv. Cover the cost of all British Institute of Embalmers Examinations

including, the cost of an invigilator for the Examinations.

v. Study for at least 10 hrs per week in addition to class work.

vi. Act in a safe, responsible and respectful manner.

vii. Respect fully the confidentiality of each deceased and their family.

viii. Arrange to attend Practical tuition at the School.

ix. Provide proof of all necessary vaccinations before entry will be allowed into the Embalming Room.

x. 100% commitment to the course.


 Academic Requirements


I don’t have a specific list of academic requirements as each candidate will be interviewed and asked to take an entrance exam. This will include Basic English and Mathematical skills. However the

 following list of examination qualifications may be an advantage. GCSE’s or their equivalents 

  • Maths Grade C
  •  English Grade C
  •  Science Grade C
  •  Biology Grade C
  •  Chemistry Grade C
  •  Physics Grade C
  •  Art Grade C 

Students will have to pass a foundation examination before being able to progress to the rest of the modular course